Lemonade with honey

Classic lemonade is a perfect companion for warm summer days. We enriched the natural recipe with the sweetness of honey and the crisp taste of lemons, rhubarb, raspberries or gooseberries.

Lemonade with honey - our store offer

Lemonade with honey is an idea for refreshment on a summer day and a nutritious snack. We offer delicious and crisp lemonades, which are sweetened with natural Polish honey. We prepare lemonades in our Apiary, where we pay the highest attentiontion to quality of food products. The Pasieka Łysoń store offers lemonade in several flavors: with honey and lemon, with honey and rhubarb, in version with raspberry and gooseberry. Lemonade with honey is a great drink also as a complement to the second breakfast for a child. Drink it whenever you feel like it.

The ŁYSOŃ Company realise the project of implementation of innovative and fully automated production of clean label food products with buckwheat honey with high pro-health values. The aim of the project is to develop and increase the competitiveness of ŁYSOŃ on the industry market. More information on the website: https://pasiekalyson.pl/en/grants/
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