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Łysoń Apiary, participant of "No fooling with lime trees!" action

Our activities
We are proud to inform, that Łysoń Apiary joined the nationwide action entitled "No fooling with lime trees" Action is organised by Upper Sorbian Association of Beekeepers in Zgorzelec and "Apiary" Publishing.

This action is aimed at promoting the planting of useful trees, which are lime trees, and education about significance of this species for beekeeping industry. We would like to encourage society not to cut down healthy trees, that are source of nourishment for bees and other pollinators.

Lime honey is the most popular kind of this delicacy in Poland. It is associated with a taste od childhood, that is why knowledge about lime trees values is worth promoting, as well as regular planting trees. Period of lime tree growth is quite long, however awarness about planting these trees from now on will allow us to enjoy effects in the future.

Only in 2017 and 2018 as part of the action "No fooling with lime trees" Upper Sorbian Association of Beekeepers planted over 650 vaccinated lime trees within the area of former Jelenia Góra Voivodeship. "On the one hand I realise, that it is a small number, but on the other hand it is a step forward" Emil Szymański said, who is president of the Upper Sorbian Association of Beekeepers. "Now, it is time for the next step, in other word raising customers' awarness about the fact, that honey is made from nectar, and the nectar is produced by  melliferous plants.  While the lime tree is a symbol aimed at affecting our imagination, because it is one of the non-agricultural honey supplies. We are ready to take responsibility for availability of lime honey in the future and avoiding a forage gap in summer" he added.

It was possible to initiate the action thanks to donating 1% of tax to Upper Sorbian Association of Beekeepers in Zgorzelec. As part of the action "No fooling with lime tree!" memorial poster was created and added to No. 2/2019 "Apiary" magazine. The editorial team of "Apiary" undertook the task of graphic design, getting sponsors for the action and distribution of posters.

Many companies joined the action: Polish Association of Garden Centers, Municipal Association of Beekeepers in Mirsk, Sudeten Beekeeper's Club in Wałbrzych, Ekolas, Shrubs Nursery Eryk Stus, Silesian Union in Katowice, Press-Forum Publisher, Allepszczoła, Stanpol, Apiarian Center Wilde, Prokit, ProBiotics, PPHU Nektar, Hurtmot, Apitec, Łysoń Sp. z o.o., our  Company and Apilandia.

As Łysoń Apiary we are convienced, that it is worthwhile to support social actions, which are beneficial  not only for honey bees and the other insects, but also for the entire environment.

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