Bee pollen

Pierzga pszczela .
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Bee pollen is a pollen collected by a honey bee, mixed with honey and the secretion of bee salivary glands, composed  in honeycomb cells, subjected to lactic fermentation under anaerobic conditions in the environment of the bee nest. The value of propolis for food, prophylactic and therapeutic purposes is much higher than pollen due to the richer composition, maintenance process and easy digestibility.

Indications for anesthetic administration: anemia, intestinal diseases, hypertensive disease, diseases of the nervous system, diabetes, lack of appetite, states of psychophysical depletion and convalescence periods after diseases and surgical procedures.

Application: about 5g a day for one month.

Dosage: 100 g of pure bee bread crush in a mortar, mix well with one kilogram of honey and take one tablespoon of this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach.
Available grammage
  • Jar
  • 100g
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