Buckwheat honey as natural antioxidant

Miód gryczany jako naturalny antyoksydant

In today's article we would like to present the buckwheat honey and its antioxidant properties for the skin. As we mentioned before, buckwheat honey has been used in the cosmetic industry since primeval times for healing as well as beutifying purposes.

Along with technological development studies on the composition and properties of buckwheat honey are started. These studies proved its antioxidant effects on the organism. It owes its properties to the ingredients, that create its rich and various formulation and especially to the high contents of rutin, one of the polyphenols from the group of flavonoids. Rutin exhibits high antioxidant effects, by fighting free radicals.

In our organism free radicals and antioxidants are floating all the time, otherwise known as antioxidants or oxidation inhibitors. If a balance between them is kept, we are fine. While overflow of free radicals causes atherosclerosis, cancer and premature aging. Processes of generating free radicals  are accelerated e.g. by smoking, intense or long-lasting stress, exhaust fumes inhaled with the air, prolonged sunbathes, and even an intense workout.

The last statement can be surprising for us, because doctors convience us, that sport equals health. However, it is not so obvious. During intensive physical exertion, metabolism accelerates. And the higher metabolism means faster converting  oxygen and glucose into energy, its side effect is increased production of free radicals. Unfortunately, that is not all. Free radicals get to our organism also from outside through food. Food also may contain free radicals i.a. smoked, fried, grilled products, which are our staple food. Free radicals harm our skin as well. By destroying lipids (fats) of the skin surface, they harm its natural protective barrier. Skin becomes dry and irritation-prone. Collagen fibres of the dermis are infringed, and it leads to the decreased elasticity and accelerates formation of deep wrinkles. But, that is not all.

In extreme cases it leads to impairments of nucleic acids, responsible for correct cell structure, what can result in development of skin cancer. In order to ward off the effects of free radicals activity, it is beneficial to consume products and use cosmetics with addition of buckwheat honey on a regular basis. It has salutary effects on the skin, because it prevents skin aging and wrinkles formation, it accelerates wounds healing as well, it has also antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. Honey perfectly moisturizes the skin, makes it more flexible and soothes irritation e.g. cracked lips.

In our offer buckwheat honey has been applied in cosmetics, such as: nourishing hand cream, exfoliating soaps.

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