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It all started in the 1950s. Marian Lyson, grandfather of the current owners of the company, worked as a locksmith at the High-Pressure Engine Factory. He devoted all his free time to his passion - beekeeping.

Born innovator, he was constantly looking for ways to improve work in apiary not only for him but for bees as well. He bought a pre-war hand drill and converted it into an electric one. This helped him to create his first molds for the production of polystyrene beehives, which at that time was a completely innovative solution in beekeeping. 

It is him who set the path that Pasieka Lyson is still following today, combining tradition with modernity.


Marian Lyson spent years perfecting models of polystyrene hives, and wherever he presented them, they attracted great interest among beekeepers. However, although the first polystyrene hive was made in Poland in the 1960s, they were still not produced on a larger scale.

He decided to change that.

In 1988, together with his son Andrzej, he founded Apicol and started producing polystyrene beehives for the Apipol Regional Beekeepers Association in Cracow.

In 1995, Marian's grandson, Tomasz, transformed the family business into a company called ŁYSOŃ.

Today LYSON GROUP is a whole complex of ventures related to beekeeping. It deals not only with the production of polystyrene hives, beekeeping equipment, but also with the processing of natural bee products. Promoting knowledge about bees, healthy lifestyles and environmental protection, this is the goal for the near future.

Tomasz Łysoń

Charismatic and open-minded. From his grandfather he inherited a passion for innovation and he implements solutions for some impossible to combine. Privately, a lover of antique cars. He organized rallies with Fiat 126p in support of bees. He perfectly combines his passions with family life. He also cares about interpersonal relations within the company and in his dealings with business partners. He received a special award in the international competition for Entrepreneur of The Year organized by EY Entrepreneur Of The Year.


In 2004, we decided to expand the Lyson group with company, LYSON APIARY. It operates as a partnership between Tomasz Lyson and his sister, Katarzyna. Here, too, we are faithful to Marian Lyson vision, so we are constantly developing our assortment, experimenting and exploring new possibilities.

We use all natural bee products in our original recipes. We produce healthy, nutritious and high-quality foods, candles and cosmetics with natural Polish honey, bee pollen, propolis, beebread & royal jelly without artificial additives and preservatives.

Taste and see for yourself- naturally with honey!


Katarzyna, energetic, hard-working and always full of ideas for new projects.

The most important thing for her is her family. It is also her family that "tests" all new products and if she hears a groan of delight, she gives the green light to production.

She loves to cook and bake that is why she devotes every free moment for creating new recipes.

The motto of the company Łysoń is:


LYSON company and its products have received many prestigious awards and prizes, including, among others:

  • 2023 Winning Anuga taste INNOVATION SHOW - Hexacream Pistachio with honey and bee pollen

  • 2023 Winning the Pearls of the year 2023 - Granola and Honey Bar Miodowy Kłos

  • 2023 Winning the Gold Medal of World Food Poland 2023 Fair - Hexacream Pistachio with honey and bee pollen

  • 2023 Winning the title Innovation of World Food Poland 2023 Fair - Raspberries in white chocolate with bee pollen 

  • 2023 Winning 1st place in the SUPER GIFT 2023 - Honey bar Miodowy Kłos

  • 2023 Winning 1st place in SUPER GIFT 2023 - Gift set

  • 2022 Consumer Award 2022 - in the natural honey category

  • 2022 Winning 3x Gold, 2x Silver, 1x Bronze Medal at Apimondia in Istanbul - Turkey

  • 2021 Honey Therapy series products awarded with the title Women's Brand of the Year 2021

  • 2021 World Food Poland 2021 - award for Walnut Granola

  • 2020 The Best & More - designation for the highest quality in the category: best honeys and bee products

  • 2019 Winning the Bronze Medal at the 46th Apimondia International Beekeeping Congress in Montreal

  • 2019 Honey bar Miodowy Kłos with buckwheat honey awarded Healthy Brand of the Year 2019.

  • 2015 2 Gold Medals APIMONDIA 2015 - South Korea

  • 2014 Award GAZELA BIZNESU in the category of the most dynamically growing company

  • 2013 Winning the Doceń Polskie certificate

Pasieka Łysoń

Honey, sweets & more 

We use all natural bee products in our original recipes. We produce healthy, nutritious and high-quality foods, candles and cosmetics with natural Polish honey, bee pollen, propolis, beebread & royal jelly without artificial additives and preservatives.

Pasieka Łysoń

Beekeeping equipment 

Company LYSON has been on the market since 1995, we are primarily engaged in the production of beekeeping equipment. Your bees are our passion, so we focus on the development and support of beekeeping. We are proud to create products that simplify the work in your apiary.

Honey Therapy

Natural cosmetics

Many years of experience in the beekeeping industry allowed us to use the beneficial effects of bee products in cosmetics. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we create the HONEY THERAPY brand where we use only natural raw materials. 

Pismo pasieka

The magazine "Pasieka" has been on the market since 2003. Provide a calendar and cover the most important beekeeping events in a year. It is here where beekeeper can find all necessary information.  In our magazine you can find unique beekeeping photographs, interesting figures and charts and everything is related to the subject of beekeeping.


Interactive museum 

APILANDIA the only one place like that in Poland, where we promote the topic of bees and the secrets of their life in such a professional manner. Our Interactive Museum welcomes tours from all over Poland. Our exhibition is presented through a variety of multimedia technologies, interactive panels and animations.

The ŁYSOŃ Company realise the project of implementation of innovative and fully automated production of clean label food products with buckwheat honey with high pro-health values. The aim of the project is to develop and increase the competitiveness of ŁYSOŃ on the industry market. More information on the website: