Propolis - a natural antibiotic

Propolis - naturalny antybiotyk

In today's article we would like to bring closer another of the bees products, that is used for the production of cosmetics by Honey Therapy, it is propolis known as bee glue.

Propolis (lat. Propolis cera) has been known in medicine and cosmetic industry since centuries. It was already used in ancient Egypt as immunity booster and mediacation for many skin diseases. This amazing gift of nature was used in the preparation of poultices, facial masks and baths. It is produced by bees, that collect resin and essential oils from buds  and trees, after that they deliver it to the beehive, where by mixing with wax, pollen and their own secretion, it creates a fragrant mass. In the composition of propolis we can find 250  biologically active compounds such as: amino acids, flavonoids, fatty acids, esters, sterols, B vitamins, carotenes and minerals i.a. potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper and cobalt. It is used by bees for sealing the beehive, prevents diseases, covers the cells, where queen bee lays her egs and it is used for mummification the intruders (e.g. mouses) in a bee hive.

This feedstock is mostly produced at the end of summer and autumn, because at that time bees prepare for winter. Propolis has highly antiseptic and bacteriostatic properties, it is known as a natural antibiotic. It is used in the treatment of burns, reduces pruritus and pain after insect bites and supports wound healing in fungal diseases. It accelerates wound healing, prevents the formation of scars, it is used in periodontal disease treatment, because it inhibits development of viruses and micro-organisms. It is also used for different types of poisonings. Propolis has been also applied in cosmetic industry, it effectively reduces acne, because it succesfully cures purulent states of skin. Numerous studies proved its effectiveness in the fight against streptococci, staphylococci and viruses. It inhibits development of bacteria resistant to antibiotics. It prevents sunburns and bedsores. It is also recommended to wash the wound with propolis extract (3-5 ml of propolis with 100 ml of water). It acts anti-dandruff, regenerates  hair. It supports cell renewal of the epidermis and it acts anti-aging.

Propolis is used in cometics for combination, oily and acne skin care. We can find it in anti-dandruff shampoos, oral hygiene formulations, creams and anti-inflammatory ointments. It is also succesfully used in regenerative formulations for dry, tired and mature complexion and as antioxidative preparation, that prevents skin aging. At the same time it is clearly visible, that propolis helps to make a complexion more beautiful, because it is skin moisturizer and has vitamins, including vitamin H and E.

We used it for the production of Honey Therapy cosmetics, such as nourishing hand cream, a foot cream, honey-propolis soaps and in our newest product, vitamin shower gel. We encourage you to try out our products with addition of propolis, then you will be able to check ist regenerative impact on the skin on your own.

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Propolis may cause an allergies, therefore before using products with addition of propolis, it is advisable to take the skin test. We also present a few of proposals to create your own cosmetic with propolis. Propolis can also be bought in our shop:


In order to make an ointment, prepare:

  • 70 g of petroleum jelly
  • 15 g of powdered propolis

Mix up the ingredients in an utensil put into hot water, wipe through a stainer or a gauze, cool it. Prepared ointment can be put into locable jar and use it for wounds, burns, frostbites and acne.


In order to make a tincture, prepare: glass jar for 300 ml glass bottle for 300 ml ballance accurate to 1,0 g funnel gauze

  • powdered propolis 50g
  • boiled water
  • spirit 200 g

Weigh the water and spirit directly into the jar, twist on it and leave it for 2 hours so that spirit could mix. In this way we get about 70% alcohol. After that time weigh to the bottle with spirit 50,0g of powdered propolis. The smaller pieces, the better. A tincture so prepared should be left for 3 weeks, but every day shake it. After 3 weeks filter it through the funnel with 3-4 layered gauze directly to the bottle. In this way you got about 250 g of the tincture with the contents of 20% propolis.

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