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Cooperation with the educational Apiary "Winged Friends"

Our activities
"Winged Friends" - a public educational apiary, has been created in the Silesian Botanical Garden in Mikołów. Łysoń Apiary always supported  this idea, that succesful idea. The Apiary hosts educational workshops and showcases of bee families, hosting organized tours is also possible.

Silesia gained another unusual place available for every person, who is looking for great weekend destination. This place is "Winged Friends" - educational apiary, which originators and initiators are Agnieszka and Łukasz Przybył. As residents of Silesia they chose the best possible location. The botanical garden is an ideal place for bees to live due to flora richness. Moreover, the location provides good infrastructure and trouble-free access. Thanks to that, it is easy to get there and enjoy family trip.

The idea of the educational apiary was born in 2015. Already at the planning stage it received much attention and good opinions of the Internet users. Thanks to them,it was possible to raise funds for project realization, the source of financing for this idea was a fundraiser through the Polakpotrafi.pl portal.

Łysoń Apiary supported this idea from the very beginning, and we are still involved in different events organized by "Winged Friends". As originators inform us on their website, 
the project is becoming increasingly widespread.

Since 2017 our "beekeeping family" has been growing steadily. Besides, more and more volunteers are arriving, thanks to whom our activities are becoming even more professional, creative and accessible. In addition, we are seeing an increase in the number of beehives and colonies. We are placing apiaries in other cities, testing different solutions, management methods and different types of hives.

We are glad to read this. By supporting such enterprises, we invest in our common beekeeping future. From the very beginning we saw a great potential in this project and our gut feeling did not let us down. We appreciate the work and commitment of the Przybył family. Who knows, maybe the next generations of beekeepers will fly from under their wings?

In the past, beekeeping was mostly learned from a father or grandfather, nowadays you can become a beekeeper without beekeeping roots. Determination, time, persistence and finding passion within yourself are highly needed.This was the case with Agnieszka and Łukasz. Fortunately, access to knowledge is easier, and practices (at least partially) can be learned in workshops such as those conducted in the "Winged Friends" apiary.

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