Types of honey

Honey - what types and properties it has

Acacia honey

  • acacia flavor and sweet taste
  • recommended in more intensive physical activity and increased brain activity
  • supports struggles with insomnia
  • protects and makes cardiovascular system stronger
  • used for the treatment of kidneys and inflammatory diseases
  • exhibits antioxidant and antiseptic properties

Recommended for people suffering from respiratory diseases

Buckwheat honey

  • strong, a bit spicy taste
  • had sreghtening and depurative effect on blood vessels
  • strenghtens and detoxyfies the organism
  • recommended for the erderly
  • accelerates wound healing
  • recommended in injuries and fractures
  • has positive effect on memory

Recommended in nervous exhaustion

Honeydew honey

  • resinous or floral taste and flavor
  • used in respiratory system diseases
  • acts expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic
  • helps to fight a cold and pulmonary diseases
  • used for joints and nervous system diseases

Recommended in decreased immunity

Rape honey

  • mild taste and very bright color
  • thanks to high content of glucose, it adds energy
  • strenghtens your heart
  • supports atherosclerosis and gastrointestinal diseases treatment

Recommended in circulatory system diseases

Polyfloral honey

  • very sweet taste accompanied by a slightly bitter note
  • according to the experts, it boosts energy levels
  • recommended in allergy and hay fever

Used for anemia, heart diseases, tiredness, sore throat, cold treatment

Lime tree honey

  • lime flavor and sweet-and-sour taste
  • acts diaphoretic and expectorant
  • used for the diseases, that are accompanied by fever
  • promotes inner calm

Recommended in respiratory system diseases and colds

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