Our brands

LYSON - beekeeping equipment

Beekeeping Enterprise "ŁYSOŃ" has been on the market since 1995, we mainly deal with the production of beekeeping equipment. Your bees are our passion, which is why we focus on the development and support of beekeeping. We are proud to create products that facilitate work in your apiary.

HONEY THERAPY - natural cosmetics

Many years of experience in the beekeeping industry allowed us to use the beneficial effects of bee products in cosmetics. In order to meet the needs of our clients, creating the HONEY THERAPY brand, we use only natural resources.

LYSON - bee products

The ŁYSOŃ brand is over 24 years of tradition, based on experience, passion and family tradition. We are inspired by nature and, above all, by our clients who increasingly value a healthy lifestyle and want to consume fully natural products with a certain confidence, which is why we regularly expand our offer with new products.

APILANDIA - an interactive beekeeping center

APILANDIA is the only such place in Poland, where we promote the topic of bees and the secrets of their lives in such a professional way. In our Center, we host trips from all over Poland. Our exhibition is presented using a variety of multimedia technologies, interactive installations and demonstration animations.

Apicultura Foundation

The Apiculture Foundation was established in 2019 in order to promote beekeeping, healthy lifestyle and environmental protection,to help beekeepers, to educate children and youth, as well as activate seniors and disabled people who find beekeeping as an interesting hobby.

The ŁYSOŃ Company realise the project of implementation of innovative and fully automated production of clean label food products with buckwheat honey with high pro-health values. The aim of the project is to develop and increase the competitiveness of ŁYSOŃ on the industry market. More information on the website: https://pasiekalyson.pl/en/grants/
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