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Pomoc dla centrum rehabilitacji leczniczej NFZ CZERNICHÓW 30 IV 2020

Help for the NFZ CZERNICHÓW medical rehabilitation center

The next days and the further fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. This is no longer a fight - our actions are slowly transforming into systematic cooperation and support for all those who remain on the front line. This time on April 30, 2020, we showed help for the Medical Rehabilitation Department / Stationary Department of Systemic Rehabilitation in Czernichów, province. Śląskie - activities implemented for the National Health Fund.

This is another act of help on our part; and we really want our steps to become standard and norms in these difficult moments. We very much hope that after the end of the global and nationwide pandemic, everything that has been realized germinated in positive energy that will be spread to everyone around. Once again, we handed over our health-promoting energy bars, Honey Ear - so that those who need strength now will be able to cope with the situation and stay on the battlefield for health and life of the citizens of Poland.

The ŁYSOŃ Company realise the project of implementation of innovative and fully automated production of clean label food products with buckwheat honey with high pro-health values. The aim of the project is to develop and increase the competitiveness of ŁYSOŃ on the industry market. More information on the website: