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2nd Rally in Defence of Bees "Bees will survive if they pollinate flowers"

Our activities
Two years later, encouraged by our previous success, we decided to organize another rally. Again, we were awakened by the desire to go on the road and show our commitment to bees. The espedition began on 9th Septemeber 2017 under the name 2nd Rally in Defence of Bees.

This time the rally took place in Poland. A 7-day rally with 126p’s (called in Poland "Maluch") began under the slogan "Bees will survive, if they pollinate flowers". Within the week 13 crews covered 1680 km. We started our rally from Cracow and finished in Koszalin at the XXXV National Beekeeper's Days. Association of Professional Beekeepers  together with the Polish Beekeepers' Association and the Association of Polish Beekeepers Polanka were responsible for organisation, our company and Łysoń Apiary significantly supported this expedition.

We promote planting melliferous plants

The expedition aimed at drawing attention to beekeeping and the difficult situation of pollinating insects. The slogan of the rally includes the quintessence of the actions, that have been taken. By using this slogan we wanted to draw attention at neccesity of solving  one of the problem, that bees and their caretakers are facing by. It is about the shrinking foraging area.

By planting trees, shrubs and honeydew flowers, we provide bees with the necessary food. This is a bundled transaction, thanks to pollination, flowers can produce fruit and seeds. Bees are  an essential link in the food production chain for us and the animals, that we breed. To set a good example, the participants of the 2nd Rally in Defence of Bees planted 96 trees and shrubs along the route and distributed the seeds of flower meadows.

Urban beekeeping? We are in!

On the occasion of discussions about bees, the idea of urban beekeeping was also promoted. In bigger Polish cities bees started to be bred, Following the example of European apiaries. They are bred e.g. on the roofs of buildings, where the insects do as well as in the countryside. What is interesting, city is sometimes able to provide better conditions for bees. First, urban bees are not exposed to plant protection products used on a large scale in agriculture, and secondly, there is there is a higher temperature to facilitate wintering.

During the rally we visited 2 urban apiaries. One of them is located on the roof of Resident Service Centre of the Cracow City Hall and  the second on the roof of the Meeting of Cultures Centre in Lublin. We planned a route in such a way in order to visit visit important places for beekeepers, such as Kamianna, Stróże, Pszczela Wola, the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, the University of Warmia and Mazury and many others. Only good memories left. Bees and the promotion of beekeeping were worth overcoming every kilometre and every obstacle. Thanks to this  we know,that together we can achieve more. We would like to thank our friends and partners for their help and commitment in realising even the craziest ideas.

You can watch the report from the rally here:

We have not said our last word yet, when it comes to saving bees and beekeping promotion. Follow our fanpage and website to stay always up to date with our events.

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