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Apilandia - an interactive beekeeping center in Łysoń Apiary

APILANDIA - interaktywne centrum pszczelarskie w Pasiece Łysoń
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Did you know, that by visiting Łysoń Apiary you can go down to the atmospheric undergrounds of our company, where an interactive beekeeping center Apilandia is waiting for you?

Apilandia is an educational center, that consists of 5 rooms. Originator of this project is Barbara Łysoń, married to Tomasz Łysoń, who has been involved in bees' issues for many years. The first room commemorates the rally in defence of bees, that took place in 2017. You can see here i.a. memorial Fiay 126p, which took part in the rally. In this room we set also a TV from The Polish People's Republic times with an interactive route map.

In the second room of Apilandia we placed beehives, there you can make review of the bee families on you own. After ejecting an interactive frame from the beehive, Informations about bee organism, process of polinnation, roles of the workers bees in the hive and their jobs as well as other educational curiosities, are displayed on the screen. Depending on the season, temperatures in the beehive are changing, therefore in Apilandia we prepared a device, that allows visitors comparing temperatures in the apian environment on their own.

The next room of Apilandia is a windfall for people interested in technological process used to production of equipment, that is needed for bees. You can find here an exhibition of beekeeping equipment produced in Łysoń company: honey extractors, beekeeper's suits and beehives. Kids can also dress up as beekeeper by using an interactive game. Rendering honey from the honeycombs is also possible. There is a huge smoker in this room, after pressing the button it emits real smoke! The exhibition takes us on sentimental journey depicting the way, that  Łysoń family came, in order to create their company, the leader in production of great beekeeping equipment in Poland.

In the last room a drilling machine is waiting for you, the oldest members of Łysoń family (Marian and his grandson, Tomasz) made first hive frames by using it. In Apilandia you can also observe, how to harvest beeswax and turn it into wax foundation. You'll also find out, how we produce natural beeswax candles. Beekeeping center Apilandia has been crated, so as to promote beekeeping especially among the youngest. We know, that education through play and observation is the best option. Family trip to the educational center Apilandia located in in the headquarters of our company is an excellent idea. You are cordially invited!

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APILANDIA - interaktywne centrum pszczelarskie w Pasiece Łysoń
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Interactive beekeeping center in Łysoń Apiary
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