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Cracovian Honey Harvest - idea for an unforgettable weekend

Krakowskie Miodobranie - pomysł na niezapomniany weekend
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Do you know, that since the quarter century in every September Cracovian Honey Harvest takes place? It's a fantastic event in the very center of Cracow (Plac Wolnica) organised by Association of Krakow Beekeepers.

Cracovian Honey Harvest is the beekeeping event open to everyone, that creates an opportunity to echange of experiences among beekeepers and meeting consumer preferences. This event has a lot of educational and cultural - amusement values. Every year Cracow Honey Harvest is accompanied by planting an melliferous tree. It's a symbolic action beneficial for urban bees, which pleases inhabitants' eyes as well as reminds, why it is worthwhile to plant melliferous plants.

During Cracow Honey Harvest various competitions and interesting performances take place. It is worthwhile to book a holiday for September and come to Cracow then. Especially, if you like honey and you would like to know more about its extraction process and honey bees as well.

"Blood Harvest" Action - help other people and win prizes at the same time.

The huge turnout, that always accompanies this event, it is also an opportunity to do something on a noble purpose. Cracovian Beekeepers have included "Blood Harvest" as a permanent point of the programme. This witty wordplay refers to "Honey Harvest" and encourages people to donate blood. An additional incentive is a special prize draw, you can easily win a honey extractor funded by our Apiary. This prize, by drawing lots goes to the lucky beekeeper. It is an additional motivation for entering the the blood donation bus. Regardless of the prizes, it is always worthwhile to help each other. Especially, that during event like"Blood Harvest" you can do it incidentally. You are still afraid or have some doubts...? Maybe vision of winning a honey extractor can convience you. You never know, who of us or our loved ones will need such a help.

On behalf of the organizers we invite you to the next Cracow Honey Harvest.

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Krakowskie Miodobranie - pomysł na niezapomniany weekend
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Cracovian Honey Harvest

Do you know that Krakow Honey Harvest has been taking place every September for a quarter of a century?
Our activities

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