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Lime honey:
It arises from the nectar collected by bees from linden trees, it has a light amber color in a liquid state, up to a solid state gold. It has a characteristic scent of linden flowers and a slightly spicy taste.

Recommended for:
- upper lower respiratory tract
- heart and circulatory system
- nervous system, stress

Rapeseed honey:
It is one of the first honeys that bees produce after the winter. Due to its high glucose content it crystallizes very quickly. Its color is then light yellow, cream-colored, the smell is weak and the taste is sweet. Thanks to the creaming process, it is ideal for spreading bread.

Recommended for:
- liver and bile ducts
- heart and coronary vessels
- airway inflammation

Honeydew honey:
Produced from honeydew collected by bees, i.e. a sweet secretion of aphids or other insects that feed on plant juices. Its color is dark, from gray-green to almost black. It has a resinous aroma and a mild flavor. This honey is rich in resins, essential oils and macroelements.

Recommended for:
- lower respiratory tract
- digestive tract, constipation, diarrhea
- heart and vascular diseases, neuroses

Multiflower Honey:
It is considered the most popular variety of honey. Bees make it from nectarvarious plant species. It adopts a color from slightly golden to dark brown. Due to the mild and sweet taste, multi-flower honey is especially recommended for children.

Recommended for:
- allergic airways
- physical and psychological exhaustion
- heart and blood vessels

Available grammage
  • Jar
  • 50g
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