Honey truffles

Famous French and Belgian pralines are known all over the world, but the world has not heard about the Polish pralines of the Łysoń brand. In Belgian chocolate and French elegance, Polish honey was hidden.

Honey truffles - our store offer

Delicious and exquisite honey truffles is a luxury delicacy for all lovers of high-quality sweets. Delicious truffles contain a lot of natural Polish honey and are made in our workshop according to the traditional recipe. We offer honey truffles in several flavors, which are hidden in the original carton, which is an ornament in itself. You can buy chocolate truffles with rum or brandy flavored with cocoa or a delicate coconut, as well as a honey truffle bar prepared in 70% Belgian chocolate.

The ŁYSOŃ Company realise the project of implementation of innovative and fully automated production of clean label food products with buckwheat honey with high pro-health values. The aim of the project is to develop and increase the competitiveness of ŁYSOŃ on the industry market. More information on the website: https://pasiekalyson.pl/en/grants/
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